• July 20, 2024

Live dealer vs RNG baccarat – Key differences you should know


Casinos offer baccarat online and in land-based locations. Baccarat can be played using RNGs or with Live Dealers online. There are noticeable differences between these two versions, although the gameplay basics are similar.

The Banker and the Player play baccarat against each other. Every round, two cards are dealt to the Player and Banker’s hands. The winning hand is the one closest to a point value of 9. Face cards and 10s have zero points, while Aces are worth 1 point. All other cards are worth their face value. Over 10 points are counted only as the second digit. So a 7 and 9 would equal 6 points.

After the initial two cards are dealt to each hand, a third card is given to one or both hands depending on specific third card drawing rules. These pre-determined rules require no strategy or decision from the players. Bets winning on the Player and Banker’s hands, less a small house commission on Banker bets. It’s a chance-based game, perfect for fans of random outcomes over skill and strategy.

Live dealer baccarat

Live Dealer Baccarat is played from a casino studio by a live human dealer. It gets live-streamed onto your screen in real time. You view the dealer shuffling real cards and dealing them out according to traditional Baccarat rules. Typically, there will be additional views to see the table and recent game outcomes. The key thing is that you are playing in a real game, just like in a land-based casino.

  • Real cards and a human dealer
  • Social and interactive elements
  • Slower pace of play
  • Higher minimum bets
  • Cannot play free demo versions

The main appeal of Live Dealer baccarat is the authentic experience and human touch. You feel more immersed in the traditional Baccarat atmosphere. Some games also have chat functions to interact with the dealer and other players, making for a social experience. However, play moves slower, as the dealer must manually shuffle and deal cards each round. Most Live Dealer games also have higher minimum bet requirements, so they are not ideal for casual or budget-minded players. For more information, take a look here now.

RNG baccarat

RNG stands for Random Number Generator. In RNG online baccarat, all outcomes are determined by an RNG algorithm that randomly deals cards and calculates game results. Games feature realistic graphics showing virtual cards dealt on a simulated table. But the underlying mechanisms are fully digital.

  • Computer-automated dealer
  • Fast-paced play
  • Lower minimum bets
  • Play free demo versions
  • Less social dynamics

There is no need to wait for a human dealer when playing RNG Baccarat. Place your bets, and cards are dealt instantly at the press of a button. This faster speed of play allows more decisions per hour. RNG games also tend to have lower minimum bet requirements, often as low as $0.10 per hand. It opens them up for casual gamers and those on a budget. The huge advantage of RNG Baccarat is the ability to play for free in practice/demo mode. It lets you learn the game at no risk.

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